The Mirror of Miqdaam el-Jabbour (continued)

2nd work in progress for your perusal

dilettante factory

So I’m going to try writing a little on both of these stories (as well as turn my attention back to INCARNATE when I am feeling up to it — it’s emotionally daunting), and share my progress as I go.

Alice woke in the dark. She thought she’d heard something, and the truth was, she may have been a little weirded out still from seeing Emily’s eyes rolled back in her head up in the attic. She’d been having a nightmare, reliving that moment, only in her dreams, there was a woman’s face in the mirror. What had Emily called her? Jessie?

“Em?” she whispered. “Em, are you awake?”

Their parents had told them that they could have their own rooms, if they wanted, but neither of them really wanted to be alone in the new, very old, house, with its creaks and smells and unfamiliar shadows. Besides, even…

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