Thirty-Eight Locke’s Point Road

New Jessica B. Bell story-in-progress….

dilettante factory

Hello all…. So…. it’s been a while since I shared anything creative, but here we go — a glimpse into one of the three things I’m working on right now. The first, is, of course, INCARNATE, the third and final book in the JESSICA series. The second is a young-adult novel that I began during NaNoWriMo but got distracted from. Life does that. That one is tentatively called The Mirror of Miqdaam el-Jabbour, and is about an ancient sorceress trapped in a mirror discovered by two young girls in their new seaside house’s attic. Mayham and horror (of a PG-rated nature) ensue. The third is a longer story whose length will likely be about that of last year’s Thirty-Seven, and if you are noticing a trend there and wondering if this story will somehow be connected to that, well, be patient. Take my hands if we be friends and Robin…

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