Viscera – An Interview with Jessica B. Bell

My favourite interview ever.

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


Greetings, everyone! Please allow me to present you a book out recently, titled “Viscera”, coming from the pen of Jessica B. Bell. Enjoy the interview with the writer!

In today’s world, how much bizarre and horror is a figment of a creative imagination, and how much is it metaphorical translation of our surroundings and world, for you?

What a great question! I think that it’s parts of both. In fact, I suspect that some writers don’t even realize how affected they are by the current culture. Take zombies, for example. It’s not that we believe in a real and true zombie apocalypse, but it is certainly telling of the collective psyche that we write so much about a post-apocalyptic world. It is a true universal fear that things are headed in a frightening direction. We are bombarded by images of war-torn countries around the world, and the line between fiction…

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