What is Singularity?

Singularity is like an acid trip without the flashbacks.

Singularity is unconventional.

Singularity is frightening.

Singularity is a little bit horror, a little bit gothic, a little bit Sci-Fi, a little bit meta-fiction, and a hell of a mind-fuck.

Singularity is like nothing you’ve ever read, and yet you will find flavours of Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Mary Shelley, and Ray Bradbury.

Singularity is the sequel to JESSICA, and features the writing of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Sara Litchfield, Sandy Ramsey, Lizzi Rogers and Hannah Sears.

If you haven’t read JESSICA yet, you can read Chapter One HERE.

It’s available in paperback or e-book HERE.

And now, a short snippet from Singularity, coming later this summer from Dilettante Publications


“She’s delusional,” Michael said. “I think she might possibly be schizophrenic. I hear her talking, whispering and laughing as if she is having a conversation with someone only she can see.”

“And I think we should consider that, but these stories are fantastical. If we are to have any insight into her psyche, it’s going to be from these stories of hers. Read them, Michael. There are patterns and interconnected themes. Stories of creators and their creations, gods and monsters, psychic connections, ghosts, possession. She’s trying to tell us – tell the world – something. I think she knows the power that is inside her. I think she has an inkling of what she might do. You and I spoke about these very things. What if she understands the nature of the hidden world? What if what we call poltergeists, she understands in a totally different way? You’ve seen her harness energy in ways that seem impossible. What if she is exactly what we hoped for – a human singularity rather than a technological one? What if she has unlocked the power of the mind? Who knows what the world might look like to her? Who knows what she might be capable of?”

“That poor nurse – what’s this one’s name? She knows what Jessica’s capable of.”

“Omelettes and eggs,” Naveena said with a dismissive wave of her hand.


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