Beams – Six Sentence Fiction

Hovering over her would-be rival with a spoon clasped tightly in one pale claw of a hand, the dark woman gritted her teeth and prepared to take her revenge.

“Please, Mistress, don’t,” the trembling woman pleaded, “I swear I’ll never speak ill of you again!”

“The damage is done,” the Mistress said. “Everyone heard your challenge; everyone heard your criticisms of my leadership, and this will not do.”

Advancing on the bound young woman, she grabbed her tightly by the hair and with one terrible thrust, scooped one of her eyes out with the cold metal bowl of the spoon.

Over the woman’s screams, she gave her a last piece of advice: “Before you try to remove the mote in thy sister’s eye, first remove the beam that is in thine own.”



25 thoughts on “Beams – Six Sentence Fiction

    1. Can I confess that a moment of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves has always stuck with me — that part where Severus Snape says he’s going to cut Robin’s heart out with a spoon… “because it’s dull, you twit — it’ll hurt more!”

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